How to Shuck yourself

1. Get a fresh oyster 
 Tap the handle of your knife against the oyster. A hollow sound indicates the oyster is past its prime. The oyster should have a weigh to it and sound solid when tapped 

2. Have the right tool.
A proper shucking knife is critical. A strong Stainless steel blade 

3. Hold it close.
Hold the oyster in your left  hand. The more cupped side of the shell should face down and the flat side up. Hold the oyster firmly. Use a glove, which helps with grip, and prevents cuts from shell.

4. Firmly hold knife.
Hold the knife by the blade—about 2 inches from the tip—to give yourself the control you need - the sharp point of the knife goes into the the hinge deep enough to pop the hinge

 5. Know your Oyster. 
Note the location of the hinge, the hole at the base of the shell, where you first insert the knife tip. Don't go too deeply or you cut the oyster’s stomach, you want the oyster to be whole and intact. Once the hinge has popped, sever the adductor muscles that connect to the shell. Sever the top muscle by turning knife to 2'oclock and run closly to top of shell the cut he bottom adductor with a counterclockwise scooping motion .

6. Don't spill the liquor. 
Keep your hand still and level.

Eat and Repeat!