Our Farm, Our Bay

OYSTERS: Every Violet Cove oyster is sustainability grown on an idyllic farm between two ocean inlets that nourish our hand raised and tide crafted oysters with pristine briny goodness.

Violet Cove uses a floating cage method of farming

FARMER: Sue Wicks comes from a family of baymen, boat builders, sea captains and the occasional rum runner - after a Hall of Fame basketball career and stint as sports ambassador for the US State department, Sue is so happy to be back home on beautiful Long Island growing oysters.

FARM LOCATION: Moriches Bay, East Moriches, Long Island, NY

OYSTER VARIETIES: Eastern Oysters 2.5-3.0 inches 

FLAVOR PROFILE: “You are eating the sea, that’s it, only the sensation of a gulp of seawater has been wafted out of it by some sorcery, and are on the verge of remembering: you don’t know what, mermaids or a sudden smell of kelp on the Ebbtide or a poem you once read, Something connected with the flavor of life itself.” -Eleanor Clark 

WHERE TO FIND THE PRODUCT: Direct from farmer

INSTAGRAM: @violetcoveoysterco